Preserving the longevity, cleanliness, and sanitation of Body Corporate common spaces, Hospitality sectors, Residential homes and Real Estate pre-sale freshen up.Preserving the longevity,
cleanliness, and sanitation
of Body Corporate common
spaces, Hospitality sectors,
Residential homes and Real
Estate pre-sale freshen up.
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Pollution-free Odour Solution

Eliminate pet odours instead of masking them.

Services for Apartments, Hospitality, Homeowners and Real Estate industry

The level of foot traffic on the artificial grass within your small, medium, or large business significantly influences the appropriate synthetic grass maintenance for your landscape. Commercial establishments experiencing higher foot traffic, such as apartment complexes or communities with common areas, require more frequent and intensive maintenance compared to those with lower foot traffic. Over time, heavy traffic can cause the turf blades to become flattened. Additionally, pets can contribute to odors and waste accumulation. TurfGlo technicians rejuvenate the turf blades to ensure they remain upright. We also address and prevent odors, remove debris, pet hair, and weeds from your artificial grass, along with providing other synthetic turf maintenance services.

The TurfClean Service Includes

Detailed examination and assessment

Our technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment of the turf’s condition and consult with you before addressing any areas of concern and meeting your expectations. They rectify any lifted edges by tucking them back in place and make minor adjustments to restore the turf’s condition. Additionally, we meticulously remove any weeds that may have grown due to regular erosion and sediment buildup.

Rejuvenation of the Turf begins

The cleaning process commences by clearing away debris and rejuvenating the turf, restoring it to its upright state. This revitalization enhances the turf’s drainage capacity while effectively eliminating pet hair and deeply embedded waste, facilitating the thorough removal of contaminants from the turf.

Applying Infill when needed

As needed, and depending on the service you’ve booked, we will apply either infill sand or our Pet Odour eliminator granules. These granules serve as a filter, neutralising the ammonia smell present in pet urine and effectively preventing new odours from developing. Typically, our service involves applying new infill, when required.

TurfGlo Cleaner and Deodorizer

In the final step, we apply our TurfGlo cleaner and deodorizer, which effectively combats bacteria and leaves a fresh scent on your turf. We ensure thorough coverage by generously applying the product to penetrate all layers of your turf system, reaching down to the base layer. This treatment effectively fights bacteria and ensures your turf smells fresh.

You can immediately enjoy your artificial lawn after the application of TurfGlo products because our products are safe, clean, and environmentally friendly. Once the initial application is done, the enzymes start working diligently, allowing you to host parties or let your kids play on the lawn without hesitation.

TurfGlo has pioneered its own cutting-edge technology for turf cleaning. Many competitors rely on harsh chemicals to mask pet odours; we take a different approach. We prioritise the safety of pets and kids by using non-toxic, organic ingredients in our products, designed to effectively eliminate odours while ensuring a safe environment for all.

At TurfGlo, we do out utmost to ensure that every service is delivered safely, though there are unfortunately things outside of our control. We have appropriate insurance to protect us and our customers in case of an unforeseeable event. $20,000,000 Public Liability, $20,000,000 Product Liability, and $250,000 Property in Case Custody.

We understand that your furry friends are an integral part of your family. We ensure that our services are not only effective, but also safe for your beloved pets. With our specially formulated products and techniques, you can have peace of mind knowing your pets can roam, play, and enjoy your turf without any worries.

VendorShield Certified – Trusted and Verified

Rest assured, your property receives top-notch care. With proper licensing and insurance, we deliver the best possible cleanings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TurfGlo truly effective?

Our TurfGlo service is centered around our exceptional TurfGlo product, which harnesses the power of naturally occurring microorganisms and their enzymes to break down uric acid crystals, responsible for urine’s strong scent, as well as urea and proteins that facilitate pathogen growth. We do not claim to restore your turf to its original condition, as factors such as general wear and tear, installation duration, pet activity, foot traffic, and weather conditions can vary between properties and situations. Our detailed examination prior to commencing ensures clarity regarding expectations for the finished product.

How frequently should l schedule a service?

Every customer is unique, and drawing from our extensive ten years of experience in artificial grass cleaning, we understand that the frequency of cleaning required for your turf system can vary. Typically, for a household with a single dog, we recommend cleaning the turf system up to four times per year. Initially, many customers opt for a quarterly service and then make adjustments as needed. However, for households with multiple dogs, we highly recommend a monthly cleaning service to consistently maintain a pristine turf area.

When can l start using my turf after the service?

Once we’ve completed our services for your artificial grass surface, feel free to resume using it right away once we’ve packed up and are about to leave. Our TurfGlo™ products are entirely safe for children and pets, providing peace of mind as you enjoy your refreshed turf.

Which regions do you cover?

We offer our services across the Melbourne Metro area, including South Eastern suburbs, East Melbourne, and West Melbourne. Other areas can be serviced but additional costs may apply. Additionally, we’re expanding our coverage to include NSW, QLD, WA, and SA. If you’re interested in joining our installer partnership program or becoming a part of our team, please reach out to us through our careers or contact pages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!