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Revitalize Your Turf : Fix any Aesthetic Issues with TurfRepair Service Now

Revitalize Your Turf : Fix any Aesthetic Issues with TurfRepair Service Now

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Special Features of our TurfGlo Repair Service

Low Spots

We raise and refill sections of your foundation that have sunk due to various factors, creating a more flat, even surface.

Burnt Turf

Landscapers may inadvertently cause damage to the turf with their equipment. In such instances, we can replace the affected areas with new turf supplied by the client. TurfGlo does not provide turf due to potential challenges in matching the existing turf color, which may have faded over time.


Over time, some turf systems may require additional infill. If our clients request this service, we charge based on the square meterage, and it is listed as a separate option in all our repair estimates.

Lifted Turf

In situations such as plumbing leaks, root damage, or remodeling, we have the capability to lift and reposition your turf.

Standard TurfGlo Service Inclusions

Detailed Inspection

TurfGlo services provide more than just cleaning. Our technicians perform a thorough inspection of the turf’s condition, assessing the extent of damage and determining the most appropriate course of action for the TurfGlo service based on the size of the affected area. The assessment itself incurs a cost of $150, but it is complimentary if any service is subsequently performed by our team.

Debris Removal

To improve access to problem areas and promote the future growth of the turf, our technicians meticulously clear away any debris, such as leaves and branches. Furthermore, we diligently remove any weeds that may have appeared due to natural erosion and sediment accumulation. This thorough process ensures that the turf is primed for optimal blooming and growth in the future.

Repair & Replace

Following the assessment, our technicians focus on addressing the identified problem areas. This may involve various types of repairs, such as fixing low spots, replacing melted turf, restoring infill, and repairing lifted turf. Our skilled technicians work diligently to restore the condition of the turf in accordance with the agreed-upon service, ensuring it is brought back to its optimal state.

Revitalize and Refresh

After completing the repairs, we proceed with the turf rejuvenation process. This includes improving the turf’s drainage capabilities by removing ground-in waste that may have accumulated deep within the turf fibers. Additionally, we de-compact the existing infill system, further enhancing the overall drainage of the turf. These steps are crucial for ensuring that your turf maintains optimal performance and functionality.

Save money by opting to repair your turf rather than replacing it entirely.

When unexpected accidents happen and your artificial turf develops problem spots, our dedicated TurfGlo team is here to help. We offer a variety of services focused on restoring, repairing, and rejuvenating your artificial grass, ensuring its long-term durability while fostering a healthy environment for your home. With our expertise, we aim to provide optimal care for your artificial turf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TurfGlo truly effective?

Our TurfGlo service is centered around our exceptional TurfGlo product. TurfGlo utilizes the power of naturally occurring microorganisms and their enzymes to break down uric acid crystals, which are responsible for urine’s strong scent, as well as urea and proteins that promote pathogen growth. We do not claim to restore your turf to its original condition, as factors like general wear and tear, installation duration, pet activity, foot traffic, and weather conditions can vary between properties and situations. Our thorough examination before starting ensures clarity regarding expectations for the finished product.

How frequently should I schedule a service?

Every customer is unique, and drawing from our extensive ten years of experience in artificial grass cleaning, we recognize that the frequency of cleaning required for your turf system can vary. Typically, for a household with a single dog, we recommend cleaning the turf system up to four times per year. Initially, many customers opt for a quarterly service and then make adjustments as needed. However, for households with multiple dogs, we highly recommend a monthly cleaning service to consistently maintain a pristine turf area.

When can I start using my turf after the service?

Once our services for your artificial grass surface are complete, feel free to resume using it immediately after we’ve packed up and are about to leave. Our TurfGlo™ products are entirely safe for children and pets, providing peace of mind as you enjoy your refreshed turf.

Which regions do you cover?

We offer our services across the Melbourne Metro area, including South Eastern suburbs, East Melbourne, and West Melbourne. Other areas can be serviced but additional costs may apply. Additionally, we’re expanding our coverage to include NSW, QLD, WA, and SA. If you’re interested in joining our installer partnership program or becoming a part of our team, please reach out to us through our careers or contact pages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!