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Our Premium Artificial Grass Cleaning Service eliminates pet odours for Good. Restore Vibrant, Plush Artificial Grass and create a Safe Haven for Kids and Four-Legged Family Members.

Our Premium Artificial Grass Cleaning Service eliminates pet odours for Good. Restore Vibrant, Plush Artificial Grass and create a Safe Haven for Kids and Four-Legged Family Members.

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Eliminate odours without environmental pollution

Eliminate pet odours rather than concealing them

Sick and tired of the unpleasant odour that hits you every time you open your back door?

We have a comprehensive understanding of the essential steps required to keep your artificial grass not only looking its best, buy odour-free, and safe for the entire family. Explore our service options below or get in touch with our team to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Monthly TurfCare Plan

Pets Lovers
Same Rates for Home/Commercial


40% Discount

Total Annual Cost: $3,952.80
Weekly Cost: $$76.02
All Services 1 - 40 sqm


Pets Lovers
Same Rates for Home/Commercial


$549 (Standard Pricing)

All Services 1 - 40 sqm

Detailed examination and assessment

Before starting work, our technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment of the turf and discuss any areas of concern and your expectations. They address any raised edges by carefully tucking them back in place and make minor adjustments to restore the turf’s condition. We also meticulously remove weeds that may have established themselves in your turf.

Rejuvenation of the Turf begins

The cleaning procedure starts with the removal of debris and the revitalization of the turf, bringing it back to its upright position. This process improves the turf’s drainage capability and efficiently removes pet hair and deeply embedded waste, aiding in the flushing out of contaminants from the turf.

Applying Infill when needed

As needed, and depending on the service you’ve booked, we will apply either infill sand or our Pet Odour eliminator granules. These granules serve as a filter, neutralising the ammonia smell present in pet urine and effectively preventing new odours from developing. Typically, our service involves applying new infill, when required.

TurfGlo Cleaner and Deodorizer

In the last stage, we apply our TurfGlo cleaner and deodorizer, which efficiently fights bacteria and leaves your turf with a fresh scent. We ensure thorough coverage by generously applying the product to penetrate all layers of your turf system, reaching down to the base layer. This treatment effectively combats bacteria and ensures your turf smells fresh.

Thorough testing, carried out in both controlled laboratory environments and real-life field scenarios, has confirmed the remarkable long-term odour control abilities of TurfGlo products. Our products have consistently exhibited exceptional effectiveness in reducing odours, ensuring reliable and enduring outcomes.

Why our Services Deliver Long-Lasting Results!

The Science

Our formula represents a significant advancement in biotechnology, providing a permanent solution for eliminating urine odour and stains at their source. TurfGlo harnesses the power of naturally occurring microorganisms and their enzymes to effectively break down uric acid crystals, which are responsible for the strong odour of urine. Additionally, this innovative formula targets urea, the adhesive component of urine, as well as proteins that encourage the growth of harmful pathogens. By employing bacteria, this process involves the consumption of organic waste, followed by growth, replication into identical bacterial cells, and ongoing duplication until all waste is completely consumed and ultimately degraded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TurfGlo truly effective?

Our TurfGlo service revolves around our exceptional TurfGlo product, which harnesses the natural capabilities of microorganisms and enzymes to break down uric acid crystals, the primary cause of urine odor, as well as urea and proteins that encourage pathogen growth. We acknowledge that returning your turf to its original condition may not always be achievable due to factors such as general wear and tear, installation duration, pet activity, foot traffic, and weather conditions, which vary from property to property. Prior to commencing work, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to establish clear expectations regarding the final result.

How frequently should I schedule a service?

Each customer is unique, and based on our extensive decade-long experience in artificial grass cleaning, we understand that the cleaning frequency required for your turf can vary. Typically, for a household with one dog, we recommend cleaning the turf system up to four times a year. Initially, many customers opt for a quarterly service and then make adjustments as needed. However, for households with multiple dogs, we highly recommend a monthly cleaning service to ensure consistent maintenance of a pristine turf area.

When can I start using my turf after the service?

Once our work on your artificial grass surface is finished, feel free to resume using it immediately after we’ve packed up and are ready to leave. Our products are entirely safe for children and pets, ensuring you can enjoy your refreshed turf without any concerns.

Which regions do you cover?

We offer our services across the Melbourne Metro area, including South Eastern suburbs, East Melbourne, and West Melbourne. Other areas can be serviced but additional costs may apply. Additionally, we’re expanding our coverage to include NSW, QLD, WA, and SA. If you’re interested in joining our installer partnership program or becoming a part of our team, please reach out to us through our careers or contact pages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!