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We are seeking the next exceptional talent to join our team and become a prominent figure in the turf industry.

At TurfGlo, we are immensely proud of being a company that offers exceptional products and services while cultivating a unique company culture. When individuals join our team, we prioritise their success, both professionally and personally. We are constantly seeking individuals who possess untapped potential and are eager to excel in a dynamic and expanding environment. By doing so, we can provide our clients with the finest artificial grass maintenance services.

If you are seeking a career that leverages your skills and capabilities while prioritising your personal growth, TurfGlo is the ideal destination for you!

What kind of individuals are we looking for?

We are in search of committed and industrious individuals who are willing to go beyond the conventional 9-5 schedule. If you prefer an office environment, wearing suits, and avoiding getting your hands dirty, this job may not be suitable for you.

Our ideal candidate thrives in outdoor settings, embraces physical work, and excels in hands-on tasks. Being comfortable with physical labour and standing for extended periods is essential – prepare to enhance your endurance!

While you don’t need to be an expert in artificial grass maintenance (yet!), you must be open to learning from the industry’s finest professionals. Our most exceptional employees are characterised by their integrity, humility, and willingness to tackle challenging assignments. If you are accustomed to taking shortcuts or making excuses to avoid tasks, we kindly suggest seeking employment elsewhere.

At TurfGlo, we understand that our customers have various options when it comes to artificial grass maintenance services. That is why we meticulously select the finest professionals who are committed to delivering efficient, professional, and outstanding service to homeowners nationwide.

Why TurfGlo ?

Some attribute our achievements to exceptional service, while others highlight the high quality of our final products. However, at TurfGlo, we believe that our ultimate triumph can be attributed to one factor above all others – perseverance.

For over two decades, we have endured the test of time and weathered various challenges and obstacles. Despite facing adversity and setbacks, we remain resilient and continue to thrive. This is all made possible by our team of committed and passionate individuals who share a common objective – ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers through the finest artificial grass maintenance available in the industry.

If this resonates with you and aligns with your values, we warmly welcome you to join our team!

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    What advantages can you expect from this opportunity?

    We firmly believe that treating workers with respect, dignity, and fair compensation leads to their happiness. We highly esteem each individual who proudly wears a TurfGlo uniform and prioritise their well-being.

    Upon joining the TurfGlo team, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of advantages and benefits, including:

    Freedom to act or make decisions on your own

    We don’t believe in excessive supervision or having a manager scrutinise every minor detail. If you place your trust in us to support you, we will in turn trust you to work independently and effectively. By granting you the freedom you require, you can return home to your family each day with the satisfaction of knowing you have positively impacted someone’s life.

    Payment based on personal performance.

    If you exceed expectations and go the extra mile, it is only equitable that you receive corresponding compensation. TurfGlo adheres to a straightforward principle: the harder you work, the greater your rewards.